hair color


SacredHerbsā„¢ Botanically Activated Gel Hair Color is able to impart color at a neutral pH due to its proprietary Patent Pending pHneutraĀ® Gel Technology, which moisturizes the hair in an oil base that softens the cuticles, enabling the color to wind itself through the layers of the cuticles at a near neutral pH without opening the pores of your scalp.


NanoAlgaPigmentĀ® is a revolutionary compound that assists and accelerates the process of color pigment layering on the hair follicles with the help of nano particles. Use of microbial pigments and nano technology in cosmetics is a revolutionary step with immense benefits.

Botanical Actives

Botanical actives & extracts are natural & prepared from renewable sources that are biodegradable which disintegrate without producing recalcitrant intermediates, if and when they enter the body. Natural herb powders and colors have a growing importance not only in coloring but also because of their medicinal properties.

Safe Hair Color & Care from Singapore

Powers of Science combined with the Power of Bioactive natural ingredients.

ORGANI BOTANIKA INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED's Sacred Herbs has a botanical base with over 90% natural contents. It activates natural extracts suspended in an oil base along with actives, phytonutrients, vitamins, micro proteins, amino acids, flavonoids, antioxidants and polyphenols to transfer the color while moisturizing the cuticles and maintaining a neutral pH of the hair during coloring. The aroma is fresh and natural and due to the minimal use of chemicals it does not sting the scalp.