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Organi Botanika has been involved in the haircolor industry and has been at the forefront of new technology and methodologies in this area specifically.

Having provided consultancy on hair color & care to brands across the world, we felt that there was a void that had to be filled.

The commercial hair colors on the market had been relying too heavily on chemicals and on the other hand the natural hair color companies were not being able to give their users the Convenience of Application along with the Consistency of Shade.

This thought and the unflinching desire to take hair color & care to the next level of excellence drove us to extensive Research with experienced Chemists, Toxicologist,
Regulatory Experts and many prominent Dermatologists over years.

The research was initiated on materials of plant origins, extraction and purification
processes, production techniques and methodologies along with the use of precise
catalysts and actives while the collation and coordination between experts from different
domains was yet another challenge, but it was a must to ensure the perfect marriage of
complex ingredients for a healthy yet effective and lasting hair color.

Finally we were able to craft under the umbrella of science and nature, the absolute
finest Botanically Activated Gel Hair Color “SacredHerbs™”.

ColorLock System

It employs an advanced ColorLock System and Layering Technology that prevents
harmful pigment penetration along with using a Proprietary Color Transfer Technology
that enables it to transfer the color to the hair follicles at a neutral pH, giving a Healthy
Hair Coloring experience along with preserving the structural integrity of the hair follicles
in the long term.

Powers of Science combined with the Power of Bioactive natural
ingredients, backed by scientific studies, are harnessed through a revolutionary Advanced Delivery System . SacredHerbs™ uses only the purest natural ingredients
sourced from its native origins, which are then extracted and produced using state-of-
the-art proprietary technologies in certified laboratories, conforming to manufacturing
standards certified by GMP for Cosmoceuticals.

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