SacredHerbs™ Botanically Activated Gel Hair Color is able to impart color at a neutral pH due to its proprietary Patent Pending pHneutra® Gel Technology, which moisturizes the hair in an oil base that softens the cuticles, enabling the color to wind itself through the layers of the cuticles at a near neutral pH without opening the pores of your scalp. Most other commercial hair colors with developers have a high pH causing the pores of the scalp to open and the chemicals to enter your body. These chemicals that are formulated to stick to your hair, when enter the blood stream, cling onto other internal organs that the body is unable to clean, causing many women centric complications in course of time.


NanoAlgaPigment™ is a revolutionary compound that assists and accelerates the process of color pigment layering on the hair follicles with the help of nano particles. Use of microbial pigments and nano technology in cosmetics is a revolutionary step with immense benefits. However, microbial pigments provide challenges due to lower stability, high cost and variation in shades due to changes in pH. With a focused research, SacredHerbs™ was able to generate a stable compound with consistency in shade, maintained at a near neutral pH with a revolutionary layering technology, which forms the base for its healthy hair coloring solution.

By using a revolutionary layering technology it ensures that the NanoAlgaPigment™ natural color pigment is transferred to the hair cuticle at a neutral pH, and due to the presence of essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids it maintains the long-term structural health of the hair follicles. It helps to ensure that the color pigments do not enter the scalp or the bloodstream.

Seaweeds and algae extracts with their high iodine, calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, vitamin A, B1, B6, B2, C and niacin content and along with other actives and catalysts have been designed to protect the color pigment on the hair cuticles.

Botanical Actives & Extracts

Botanical actives & extracts are natural & prepared from renewable sources that are biodegradable which disintegrate without producing recalcitrant intermediates, if and when they enter the body. Natural herb powders and colors have a growing importance not only in coloring but also because of their medicinal properties. The awareness among people towards natural herbs & essential oils and their therapeutic uses are increasing because of their less toxic properties, with fewer side effects. On the other hand, toxic synthetic colors are based on toxic raw materials. The continuous use of toxic heavy chemical colors not only causes structural damage to the hair but also can lead to many health related complications in long run.