: nHance :: Curl Defining Series

FOR โ€“ Naturally Wavy, Curly Hair

You are only 3 steps away from Beautiful & Bouncy Curls

Step 1

The right cleanser goes a long way to determining the right moisture and sebum wash off

Step 2

Reconditioning & hydrating the curls while making up the protein loss in broken hair bonds is the Second step to nHancing your curls

Step 3

Non-flaking protein bond-building formulas for carrying the weight of your curls and holding them to nHance their beauty TIP: Apply on wet hair and let them dry naturally

62% of Indian women have Naturally Curly, Wavy Hair that can be Enhanced into beautiful Curls & Waves

Donโ€™t Fight it, just nHance it!

Naturally Derived Guar helps fill in cracks and holes in the hair shaft providing a slick, smooth, conditioning and zip ties split-end mending.
  • Works to internally and externally repair hair structure by reconnecting broken disulfide bonds
  • Leaves curls healthy-looking and defined with frizz control and shine
  • Improves curl strength and re-coils damaged curls
  • Gives Volume & Smoothens the rough edges on the hair shaft with chemical treatments & heat damage