Q: Is SacredHerbs™ a permanent hair color?
A: Yes.

Q: Can SacredHerbs™ be used over other hair colors or henna?
A: SacredHerbs™ can be used over  all  permanent hair colors. If you have used Henna, wait  4 to  6 weeks before using  SacredHerbs™ for best results. If you have recently used a semi-permanent hair color,  wait until that color has completely faded away. 

Q: Should I apply SacredHerbs™ to clean hair or dirty hair?
A: SacredHerbs™ should be applied to clean  hair.  You may also consider using a shampoo to thoroughly cleanse your hair  before  coloring.

Q: Will SacredHerbs™ cover grey hair?
A: Under ideal circumstances it would cover over 99% greys. Since it is a botanically activated formulation with no bleach, the usage of harmful chemical products  previously may impact the coverage and shade in  first few applications. 

Q: What does the Hair Color Box contain?

A: The box contains a complete kit with hair color powder, hair gel, gloves, brush, instruction sheet & post coloring ColorLock Shampoo & Conditioner for a beautiful color along with healthy, shiny & voluminous hair.

Q: Will SacredHerbs™ lighten my hair color?
A: SacredHerbs™ cannot be used to drastically lighten hair color as it does not contain a bleaching agent like hydrogen peroxide.  SacredHerbs™ mild formulation may allow for subtle lightening and it is not recommended to apply a color that is more than 2 shades lighter than your existing color. SacredHerbs™ is typically used to cover grey hair while matching your existing color, or for coloring to a darker shade.

Q: How do I blend more than one color together?
A: SacredHerbs™ colors are designed to be closest to your natural hair color tone. Even then, if you wish you mix 2 shades to create a shade of your choice, you can safely do so. .

Q: Can SacredHerbs™ be used for applying highlights or lowlights?
A: SacredHerbs™ cannot guarantee these results so  such processes are best left to professional hairdressers. Subtle highlights may be achieved by streaking a lighter color through the hair. You may get mild lifting of one to two levels, which may appear as subtle color variations rather than highlights. Lowlights may be achieved by applying a darker color in a streak. You will get as much deposit (darkness) as the color you choose. 

Q: How often can I color using SacredHerbs™?
A: While it should only be necessary to color every 4 to 5 weeks (depending upon how quickly your hair grows), you can color more often  as required. In either case, you must use the pHneutra® ColorLock Complete Care Shampoo & Conditioner regime on your color treated hair for best results and better hair health in the long run.

Q: For What Duration should I apply SacredHerbs™ Gel Hair Color?
A:  Leave the hair color for 35 min during summers and 40 min – 45 min during winters. The duration of application may also depend on the texture of the hair. 

 Q: Can SacredHerbs™ be used on permed hair?
A: Yes, we recommend waiting a minimum of two week between perming and then coloring.

Q: Will SacredHerbs™ work on eyebrows or eyelashes?
A: SacredHerbs™ should NOT be used near the eyes.

Q: What shampoo should I use?
A: To prevent fading & improve hair health, it is best to use our pHneutra® ColorLock Complete Care Shampoo & Conditioner regime on your color treated hair. These are specifically formulated with NO Sulfate, NO Paraben, NO Silicone, NO Phthalate, NO Synthetic Fragrance and NO Artificial Color.

Q: Are there ingredients that I should avoid in order to maintain my hair color?
A: Yes. We recommend avoiding products that do not specifically say “made for color treated hair” or any that contain Sulfate, Parabens, Synthetic Fragrance or Artificial Color.

Q: Do I have to use the shampoo and conditioner samples provided in the box?
A: No. While we recommend using them as they are specifically formulated for color treated hair with a gentle formulation and no harsh chemicals, it is not necessary. Instead, you  may also use a shampoo or conditioner of your choice, however,  the hair color is most vulnerable just after the process is complete. Using a shampoo that is too strong may fade or remove the color that you’ve just applied.

Q: Why my hair color has faded faster at times?
A: Virtually everything that hair color is exposed to can have an effect on it. This includes the hardness of  the water, sun exposure, chlorine from a swimming pool, medications you may take, products applied on your hair like oil or shampoos etc. One of the most important factors is what hair care products you use on your colored hair. Shampoos, conditioners and styling products should be reviewed and assessed if they are compatible. 

Q: Can I use SacredHerbs™ if I am pregnant or nursing?
A: Every person is different and while most people will have no problem at all we cannot guarantee that SacredHerbs™ is safe or compatible for everyone, pregnant or not. We recommend  everyone to  perform a skin sensitivity test before applying the color because of this concern.  Expecting mothers or new mothers  should consult  their doctor who is familiar with any specific health concerns  they may have. 

Q: I’ve used SacredHerbs™ before. Do I still need to perform the skin sensitivity test?
A: Yes, the skin sensitivity test should be performed before each color application.

Q: The dye stained my skin. How do I remove it?
A: While this is unusual, it may sometimes occur in cases where the sweat gland are drying due to factors such as age, skin type etc.  You may apply small amount of  pHneutra® ColorLock Complete Care Shampoo and scrub the area. Lemon juice or any citrus juice may also be effective. Salt can be added to the juice for added scrubbing action.

Q: How is Ammonia bad for our Hair?

A: The primary function of ammonia is to raise the pH of the hair sufficiently so as to open the cuticle and allow the color to enter the cortex of the hair. Depending on the percentage of ammonia in each color this can vary as to how high the pH of the hair is taken. The more ammonia there is in the product, the higher the pH of the hair. Ammonia has also been linked to respiratory, optical and other complications and also has an unpleasant order.

 Q: Is SacredHerbs™ Ammonia Free?

A: YES. Unlike ammonia which operates at a high pH and swells the cuticles literally forcing the pigment into the hair, SacredHerbs™ moisturizes the hair in an oil base which softens the cuticles, enabling the color to wind itself through the layers of the cuticles at near neutral pH. 

 Q: What is pH ?

A: The pH indicates the acid-alkaline balance in a substance. The pH scale is logarithmic and each level up in the alkaline level is 10X more alkaline than the level below. pH of drinking water is a neutral 7 and that’s the same for SacredHerbs, but most developer/ammonia based commercial hair colors get pH as high as 10 plus. As a result, pH values above 7, each is ten times more alkaline than the next higher value. So shockingly, pH 10 of a commercial hair color is 1000 times more alkaline than aneutral pH 7.

Q: Why is pH important in Hair Coloring?

A:Permanent hair color with developer increases the pH level of the hair using Ammonia which has a very high pH of 11.6 to swell and open your hair cuticle and allow the harmful chemicals & dye pigments to enter your scalp, inside the hair cuticle and further into the blood stream. These chemicals that are formulated to stick to your hair, when enter the blood stream, cling onto other internal organs that the body is unable to clean, causing many women centric complications in course of time. This is how the toxicity can build up in your body and ultimately lead to reactions and complications.

To temporarily get the shine of the hair, it reduces the pH by use of shampoos & conditioners to allow pH to return to 4.5-5.5 but the structural damaged is caused by then.

Q: What does Structural Damage to the hair mean ?

A: If commercial Hair colors with developers are used regularly, this process causes “HYGRAL FATIGUE” i.e. increasing / decreasing of pH to extremes while permanently damaging the cuticle, the hairs inner protein and compromising the structural integrity of Your Hair.

Q: How is SacredHerbs™ Botanically Activated GEL HAIR COLOR safer ?

A: SacredHerbs™ Botanically Activated Gel Hair Color works at near neutral pH levels, which are stable levels for human hair and will not damage the cuticle or sacrifice the hair’s structural integrity. SacredHerbs™ is specially formulated to bring hair back to its ideal isometric pH level, which provides natural protection, shine, body, volume and richness of color. It comes with specially formulated pHneutra® ColorLock Complete Care Shampoo & Conditioner regime which are gentle and FREE FROM: SULFATE, PARABEN, SILICONE, PHTHALATE, SYNTHETIC FRAGRANCE & ARTIFICIAL COLOR