Color Lock Shampoo+ Hair Color Value Pack
Color Lock Shampoo+ Hair Color Value Pack
Color Lock Shampoo+ Hair Color Value Pack
Color Lock Shampoo+ Hair Color Value Pack

Color Lock Shampoo+ Hair Color Value Pack

Complete Grey Coverage | No Hydrogen Peroxide | Semi Permanent
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  • India’s 1st pH Neutral Hair Color
  • No Harmful Chemicals
  • 99% Grey Hair Coverage
  • Doctor Recommended Product
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Introducing the Ultimate Hair Care Combo: SacredHerbs™ pH Neutral Hair Color and Ultra Hydrating Leave In Hair Serum – the dynamic duo that will revolutionize your hair care routine and give you the luscious locks you've always dreamed of.

SacredHerbs™ pH Neutral Hair Color: Elevate Your Hair Game
Experience the groundbreaking innovation of India's 1st pH Neutral Hair Color by SacredHerbs™. Say goodbye to ordinary hair coloring, and embrace a transformative experience that not only beautifully colors your hair but also enhances its natural vitality. This exceptional formula isn't just about color – it's a journey towards stronger, thicker, and silkier hair.

With regular application, SacredHerbs™ Hair Color goes beyond the surface, fortifying your hair from root to tip. Watch as it strengthens your hair's roots naturally, creating a sturdy foundation that exudes confidence. Unlock the potential for volume and shine that will leave you turning heads wherever you go. And now, when paired with our


Ultra Hydrating Leave In Hair Serum, the magic truly unfolds.
Ultra Hydrating Leave In Hair Serum: Your Key to Perfection
Unleash the power of 7 rare oils with our Ultra Hydrating Leave In Hair Serum – a lightweight elixir designed to redefine your hair's journey. Immerse yourself in a world of softness, smoothness, and undeniable shine. This serum isn't just a product; it's a testament to the art of hair care.

Tame frizz, combat dullness, and embrace the hair you've always wanted with this remarkable serum. Use it after washing for easy detangling, before styling for unbeatable heat protection, or anytime you're seeking a dose of radiance, volume, and bounce. And when combined with our SacredHerbs™ pH Neutral Hair Color, prepare to witness a symphony of benefits that elevate your hair care routine to unprecedented heights.

Unveiling the Power of the Combo
Picture this: your hair adorned with the brilliance of SacredHerbs™ Hair Color, brought to life even more by the transformative touch of our Ultra Hydrating Leave In Hair Serum. This dynamic duo isn't just about aesthetics – it's about nurturing your hair, protecting its vibrancy, and creating a lasting impression.

Using the serum after applying the hair color results in a hair care synergy like no other. Watch as the color's longevity quadruples, letting you enjoy your stunning hue for extended periods. Bid farewell to tangles and breakage, as the serum's magic reduces breakage by up to 73%, leaving your hair as resilient as it is beautiful. Worried about UV rays, dirt, and color fading? Rest easy knowing this combo acts as a protective shield, preserving your hair's integrity in the face of environmental challenges.

Elevate your hair care routine, embrace the magic of synergy, and treat your hair to the luxurious experience it deserves. With the SacredHerbs™ pH Neutral Hair Color and Ultra Hydrating Leave In Hair Serum Combo, every strand becomes a testament to your dedication to the art of hair care. Embark on this journey today and witness the transformation firsthand.

Power Ingredients

This Safe and Healthy Botanically Activated Gel Hair Color is formulated in Singapore and manufactured in India (GMP Certified Unit). The Patent Pending Formulation is a blend of Ayurvedic insights, Herbal Extracts, Toxicologically evaluated chemical synthesis and love for hair.

SacredHerbs™ will cover the grays, prevent dandruff and scalp itching, maintain scalp health, balance pH levels while repairing and strengthening the hair.

SacredHerbs™ Hair Color comes with specially formulated Shampoo & Conditioner for Color Treated Hair. The products carefully formulated with no sulfate, no parabens no synthetic fragrance and no artificial colors.

✓ Non-Toxic Safe Hair Color: No PPD, No Ammonia, No Hydrogen Peroxide, No Resorcinol, No Barium, No Sulfate, No Parabens, No Silicone, No Phthalate, No Synthetic Fragrance

✓ Doctor Recommended Product- Patent Pending Formulation

✓ 99% Grey Hair Coverage: A single application is effective in covering grey hair

✓ Contains Plant based Extracts and Micro-Pigments.

✓ Lasts up to 12 washes*

✓ Ideal for all hair types, for all hair color users*

✓ Unisex Product, suitable for scalp hair, beard and moustache*

✓ Combining the Health and Safet

How to perfectly mix our colors

The longevity of the color varies based on factors such as hair type, previous Hair Color used, shade selection, and hair care routine. Generally, Sacred Herbs® Hair Color provides lasting color up to 4 weeks post global coloring.

Yes, Sacred Herbs® Hair Color is formulated to be safe for all hair types, ensuring a gentle coloring experience for everyone.

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Absolutely! Sacred Herbs® Hair Color is a science-based Dermaceutical solution, providing safe and effective grey coverage.

Yes, it is suitable to use on chemically treated or previously colored hair.

Sacred Herbs® Hair Color utilizes Nano Pigment & pHneutra Technology, a Patent Pending from Singapore, preserving the strength of hair cuticle without causing structural damage.

The technology colors the hair at a neutral pH of 7, not opening the protective layer of the cuticle to infuse the color, and is supported by a bleach-free developer gel, not increasing greys. It's Free from harmful chemicals like PPD, AMMONIA, PEROXIDES, BARIUM, and Sulphates.

Commercial High pH Hair Colors cause structural damage to the hair as they vary the pH of Hair with every color application. This leads to a phenomenon called Hygral Fatigue.

Sacred Herbs® Hair Color is the 1st science-based Dermaceutical Hair Color for safe Grey coverage advised for all hair color users for better quality and coloring of hair.

No, Sacred Herbs® Hair Color takes pride in being the 1st bleach-free developer Gel. The developer gel is formulated to deliver vibrant color without the harsh effects of bleach.

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Join the Healthy Hair colouring revolution

SacredHerbs is India’s 1st pH Neutral Hair Color with a Peroxide (Bleach) Free Developer Gel.
Over 20+ Herbal extracts

Oils & actives help in preserving the color & with giving hair the shine and strength it truly deserves.